Sture Magnusson at place in his museum.

Sture Magnusson was born at Östergården in Viared November 15 1924. He grew up in a red house that was built by his grandfather Andreas in 1870, after the latters return from America and marriage with Anna Sofia, the girl next door.

Already as a child, Sture collected old things. He believes this interest to derive from his mother Hildur, who never threw anything away. His father Karl was more in favour of getting rid off things that he had no longer use for. So when Karl carried things away to the forest, Sture went after and carried them back. Finally Karl yielded and let Sture have the back wall of the barn to hang the old junk up.

When Karl passed away in 1979, Sture carried the junk into the barn instead; he never was a farmer. That was the start of what is today most likely the largest private old homestead museum in Sweden. It contains more than 11 000 objects from Borås and its surroundings. Sture has never needed to buy anything for his museum. The generosity of individuals and organisations is big and this has made the unique collection possible.